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socketcan_utils.h File Reference

SocketCAN utilities. More...

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static void socketcan_to_can_frame (const struct socketcan_frame *sframe, struct can_frame *zframe)
 Translate a socketcan_frame struct to a can_frame struct.
static void socketcan_from_can_frame (const struct can_frame *zframe, struct socketcan_frame *sframe)
 Translate a can_frame struct to a socketcan_frame struct.
static void socketcan_to_can_filter (const struct socketcan_filter *sfilter, struct can_filter *zfilter)
 Translate a socketcan_filter struct to a can_filter struct.
static void socketcan_from_can_filter (const struct can_filter *zfilter, struct socketcan_filter *sfilter)
 Translate a can_filter struct to a socketcan_filter struct.

Detailed Description

SocketCAN utilities.

Utilities for SocketCAN support.