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edac.h File Reference

EDAC API header file. More...

#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

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enum  edac_error_type { EDAC_ERROR_TYPE_DRAM_COR = BIT(0) , EDAC_ERROR_TYPE_DRAM_UC = BIT(1) }
 EDAC error type. More...


Optional interfaces

EDAC Optional Interfaces

static int edac_inject_set_param1 (const struct device *dev, uint64_t value)
 Set injection parameter param1.
static int edac_inject_get_param1 (const struct device *dev, uint64_t *value)
 Get injection parameter param1.
static int edac_inject_set_param2 (const struct device *dev, uint64_t value)
 Set injection parameter param2.
static int edac_inject_get_param2 (const struct device *dev, uint64_t *value)
 Get injection parameter param2.
static int edac_inject_set_error_type (const struct device *dev, uint32_t error_type)
 Set error type value.
static int edac_inject_get_error_type (const struct device *dev, uint32_t *error_type)
 Get error type value.
static int edac_inject_error_trigger (const struct device *dev)
 Set injection control.
Mandatory interfaces

EDAC Mandatory Interfaces

static int edac_ecc_error_log_get (const struct device *dev, uint64_t *value)
 Get ECC Error Log.
static int edac_ecc_error_log_clear (const struct device *dev)
 Clear ECC Error Log.
static int edac_parity_error_log_get (const struct device *dev, uint64_t *value)
 Get Parity Error Log.
static int edac_parity_error_log_clear (const struct device *dev)
 Clear Parity Error Log.
static int edac_errors_cor_get (const struct device *dev)
 Get number of correctable errors.
static int edac_errors_uc_get (const struct device *dev)
 Get number of uncorrectable errors.
static int edac_notify_callback_set (const struct device *dev, edac_notify_callback_f cb)
 Register callback function for memory error exception.

Detailed Description

EDAC API header file.