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usb_hid.h File Reference

USB HID Class device API header. More...

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Data Structures

struct  hid_ops
 USB HID device interface. More...


typedef int(* hid_cb_t) (const struct device *dev, struct usb_setup_packet *setup, int32_t *len, uint8_t **data)
typedef void(* hid_int_ready_callback) (const struct device *dev)
typedef void(* hid_protocol_cb_t) (const struct device *dev, uint8_t protocol)
typedef void(* hid_idle_cb_t) (const struct device *dev, uint16_t report_id)


void usb_hid_register_device (const struct device *dev, const uint8_t *desc, size_t size, const struct hid_ops *op)
 Register HID device.
int hid_int_ep_write (const struct device *dev, const uint8_t *data, uint32_t data_len, uint32_t *bytes_ret)
 Write to USB HID interrupt endpoint buffer.
int hid_int_ep_read (const struct device *dev, uint8_t *data, uint32_t max_data_len, uint32_t *ret_bytes)
 Read from USB HID interrupt endpoint buffer.
int usb_hid_set_proto_code (const struct device *dev, uint8_t proto_code)
 Set USB HID class Protocol Code.
int usb_hid_init (const struct device *dev)
 Initialize USB HID class support.

Detailed Description

USB HID Class device API header.