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ethernet_mgmt.h File Reference

Ethernet Management interface public header. More...

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void ethernet_mgmt_raise_carrier_on_event (struct net_if *iface)
 Raise CARRIER_ON event when Ethernet is connected.
void ethernet_mgmt_raise_carrier_off_event (struct net_if *iface)
 Raise CARRIER_OFF event when Ethernet is disconnected.
void ethernet_mgmt_raise_vlan_enabled_event (struct net_if *iface, uint16_t tag)
 Raise VLAN_ENABLED event when VLAN is enabled.
void ethernet_mgmt_raise_vlan_disabled_event (struct net_if *iface, uint16_t tag)
 Raise VLAN_DISABLED event when VLAN is disabled.

Detailed Description

Ethernet Management interface public header.