Zephyr API Documentation  3.5.0-rc1
A Scalable Open Source RTOS
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Kernel APIs

Kernel APIs. More...


 Async polling APIs
 Asynchronous Notification APIs
 Atomic Services APIs
 Barrier Services APIs
 CPU Idling APIs
 Condition Variables APIs
 Event APIs
 Fatal error APIs
 Floating Point APIs
 Heap APIs
 Interrupt Service Routine APIs
 MPSC (Multi producer, single consumer) packet buffer API
 Multi producer, single consumer packet buffer API.
 MPSC packet buffer flags
 Single producer, single consumer packet buffer API.
 Mailbox APIs
 Memory Slab APIs
 Memory domain APIs
 Message Queue APIs
 Mutex APIs
 Object Core APIs
 Object Core Statistics APIs
 On-Off Service APIs
 Pipe APIs
 Queue APIs
 Semaphore APIs
 Spinlock APIs
 Spinlock APIs.
 Stack APIs
 System Clock APIs
 System Clock APIs.
 Thread APIs
 Thread Stack APIs
 Thread Stack APIs.
 Timer APIs
 User Mode APIs
 User mode mutex APIs
 User mode semaphore APIs
 Version APIs
 The kernel version has been converted from a string to a four-byte quantity that is divided into two parts.
 Work Queue APIs

Detailed Description

Kernel APIs.