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in_pktinfo Struct Reference

Incoming IPv4 packet information. More...

#include <socket.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int ipi_ifindex
 Network interface index.
struct in_addr ipi_spec_dst
 Local address.
struct in_addr ipi_addr
 Header Destination address.

Detailed Description

Incoming IPv4 packet information.

Used as ancillary data when calling recvmsg() and IP_PKTINFO socket option is set.

Field Documentation

◆ ipi_addr

struct in_addr in_pktinfo::ipi_addr

Header Destination address.

◆ ipi_ifindex

unsigned int in_pktinfo::ipi_ifindex

Network interface index.

◆ ipi_spec_dst

struct in_addr in_pktinfo::ipi_spec_dst

Local address.

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