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POSIX eventfd()


This sample application demonstrates using the POSIX eventfd() function to create a file descriptor, which can be used for event notification. The returned file descriptor is used with write/read calls and write/read values are output to the console.

Building and Running

This project outputs to the console. It can be built and executed on QEMU as follows:

west build -b qemu_x86 samples/posix/eventfd
west build -t run

For comparison, to build directly for your host OS if it is POSIX compliant (for ex. Linux):

cd samples/posix/eventfd
make -f

The make output file will be located in samples/posix/eventfd/build.

Sample Output

Writing 1 to efd
Writing 2 to efd
Writing 3 to efd
Writing 4 to efd
Completed write loop
About to read
Read 10 (0xa) from efd