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Hello World for multiple board targets using Sysbuild


The sample demonstrates how to build a Hello World application for two board targets with Sysbuild (System build). This sample can be useful to test, for example, SoCs with multiple cores as each core is exposed as a board target. Other scenarios could include boards embedding multiple SoCs. When building with Zephyr Sysbuild, the build system adds additional images based on the options selected in the project’s additional configuration and build files.

All images use the same main.c that prints the board target on which the application is programmed.

Building and Running

This sample needs to be built with Sysbuild by using the --sysbuild option. The remote board needs to be specified using SB_CONFIG_REMOTE_BOARD. Some additional settings may be required depending on the platform, for example, to boot a remote core.


It is recommended to use sample setups from samples/basic/multitarget_hello_world/sample.yaml using the -T option.

Here’s an example to build and flash the sample for the nRF54H20 DK, using application and radio cores:

west build -b nrf54h20dk/nrf54h20/cpuapp --sysbuild samples/basic/multitarget_hello_world -- -DSB_CONFIG_REMOTE_BOARD='"nrf54h20dk/nrf54h20/cpurad"'
west flash

The same can be achieved by using the samples/basic/multitarget_hello_world/sample.yaml setup:

west build -b nrf54h20dk/nrf54h20/cpuapp -T sample.basic.multitarget_hello_world.nrf54h20dk_cpuapp_cpurad samples/basic/multitarget_hello_world
west flash

After programming the sample to your board, you should observe a hello world message in the Zephyr console configured on each target. For example, for the sample above:

Application core

*** Booting Zephyr OS build v3.6.0-274-g466084bd8c5d ***
Hello world from nrf54h20dk/nrf54h20/cpuapp

Radio core

*** Booting Zephyr OS build v3.6.0-274-g466084bd8c5d ***
Hello world from nrf54h20dk/nrf54h20/cpurad