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bt_le_scan_cb Struct Reference

#include <bluetooth.h>

Data Fields

void(* recv )(const struct bt_le_scan_recv_info *info, struct net_buf_simple *buf)
 Advertisement packet received callback. More...
void(* timeout )(void)
 The scanner has stopped scanning after scan timeout. More...
sys_snode_t node

Detailed Description

Listener context for (LE) scanning.

Field Documentation

◆ node

sys_snode_t bt_le_scan_cb::node

◆ recv

void(* bt_le_scan_cb::recv) (const struct bt_le_scan_recv_info *info, struct net_buf_simple *buf)

Advertisement packet received callback.

infoAdvertiser packet information.
bufBuffer containing advertiser data.

◆ timeout

void(* bt_le_scan_cb::timeout) (void)

The scanner has stopped scanning after scan timeout.

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