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k_mem_partition Struct Reference

Memory Partition. More...

#include <mem_domain.h>

Data Fields

uintptr_t start
 start address of memory partition
size_t size
 size of memory partition
k_mem_partition_attr_t attr
 attribute of memory partition

Detailed Description

Memory Partition.

A memory partition is a region of memory in the linear address space with a specific access policy.

The alignment of the starting address, and the alignment of the size value may have varying requirements based on the capabilities of the underlying memory management hardware; arbitrary values are unlikely to work.

Field Documentation

◆ attr

k_mem_partition_attr_t k_mem_partition::attr

attribute of memory partition

◆ size

size_t k_mem_partition::size

size of memory partition

◆ start

uintptr_t k_mem_partition::start

start address of memory partition

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