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LVGL line chart with accelerometer data


A sample application that demonstrates how to use LVGL and the sensor API to display acceleration data on a line chart that is updated in real time.

This sample creates a line chart with three series, one for each axis of the accelerometer. An LVGL timer fetches the latest acceleration data from the sensor every 20 ms (default value) and updates the chart. The update period is configurable, see Building and Running below.


  • A board with a display.

  • A sensor that provides acceleration data (SENSOR_CHAN_ACCEL_XYZ) and available under the &accel0 Devicetree alias.


A Devicetree overlay declaring an emulated BMI160 accelerometer is provided for the native_posix* and native_sim* board variants, making it possible to run this sample on your local machine.

Building and Running

The maximum number of points to display for each series and the sampling rate of the accelerometer can be configured using the CONFIG_SAMPLE_CHART_POINTS_PER_SERIES and CONFIG_SAMPLE_ACCEL_SAMPLING_RATE Kconfig options, respectively.

The default sampling rate is 50 Hz, and the default maximum number of points per series is 50.

The demo can be built as follows (note how in this particular case the sampling rate is set to a custom value of 20 Hz):

west build -b native_sim samples/modules/lvgl/accelerometer_chart -- -DCONFIG_SAMPLE_ACCEL_SAMPLING_RATE=20
west build -t run