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EDAC shell


This sample demonstrates the EDAC driver API in a simple EDAC shell sample.

Building and Running

This sample can be found under samples/subsys/edac in the Zephyr tree. The sample can be built as follows for the Elkhart Lake CRB board:

west build -b intel_ehl_crb samples/subsys/edac

The Zephyr image that’s created can be run on the Elkhart Lake CRB board as per the instructions in the board documentation. Check out the Elkhart Lake CRB for details.

Sample output

Getting help

After the application has started help can be read with the following command:

uart:~$ edac -h
edac - EDAC information
  info    :Show EDAC information
           edac info <subcommands>
  inject  :Inject ECC error commands
           edac inject <subcommands>

Help for subcommand info can be read with:

uart:~$ edac info -h
info - Show EDAC information
       edac info <subcommands>
  ecc_error     :ECC Error Show / Clear commands
  parity_error  :Parity Error Show / Clear commands

Injection help can be received with:

uart:~$ edac inject -h
inject - Inject ECC error commands
         edac inject <subcommands>
  addr          :Get / Set physical address
  mask          :Get / Set address mask
  trigger       :Trigger injection
  error_type    :Get / Set injection error type
  disable_nmi   :Disable NMI
  enable_nmi    :Enable NMI
  test_default  :Test default injection parameters

Testing Error Injection

Set Error Injection parameters with:

uart:~$ edac inject addr 0x1000
Set injection address base to: 0x1000

uart:~$ edac inject mask 0x7fffffffc0
Set injection address mask to 7fffffffc0

uart:~$ edac inject error_type correctable
Set injection error type: correctable

Trigger injection with:

uart:~$ edac inject trigger
Triggering injection

Now Read / Write to the injection address to trigger Error Injection with following devmem commands:

uart:~$ devmem 0x1000 32 0xabcd
Mapped 0x1000 to 0x2ffcf000

Using data width 32
Writing value 0xabcd

uart:~$ devmem 0x1000
Mapped 0x1000 to 0x2ffce000

Using data width 32
Read value 0xabcd

We should get the following message on screen indicating an IBECC event:

Got notification about IBECC event