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ISO-TP library


This sample demonstrates how to use the ISO-TP library.

Messages are exchanged between two boards. A long message, that is sent with a block-size (BS) of eight frames, and a short one that has a minimal separation-time (STmin) of five milliseconds.

The send function call for the short message is non-blocking, and the send function call for the long message is blocking.

Building and Running

Use these instructions with integrated CAN controller like in the NXP TWR-KE18F or Nucleo-F746ZG board.

For the NXP TWR-KE18F board:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b twr_ke18f samples/subsys/canbus/isotp
west flash


  • Two boards with CAN bus support, connected together

Sample output

Start sending data
[00:00:00.000,000] <inf> can_driver: Init of CAN_1 done
|   ____  ___  ____       ____  ____   |
|  |_  _|/ __||    | ___ |_  _||  _ \  |
|   _||_ \__ \| || | ___   ||  | ___/  |
|  |____||___/|____|       ||  |_|     |
Got 248 bytes in total
This is the sample test for the short payload
TX complete cb [0]


The values shown above might differ.