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Format filesystem


This sample shows how to format different storage devices for different file systems. There are 2 scenarios prepared for this sample: * littleFS on flash device * FAT file system on RAM disk

Building and running

To run this sample, build it for the desired board and scenario and flash it.

The Flash scenario is supported on the nrf52dk/nrf52832 board. The RAM disk scenario is supported on the mimxrt1064_evk board. To build the RAM disk sample, the configuration prj_ram.conf needs to be used by setting CONF_FILE=prj_ram.conf.

The Flash sample for the nrf 52DK board can be build as follow:

west build -b nrf52dk/nrf52832 samples/subsys/fs/format
west flash

The RAM disk sample for the MIMXRT1064-EVK board can be build as follow:

west build -b mimxrt1064_evk samples/subsys/fs/format -- -DCONF_FILE="prj_ram.conf"
west flash

Sample Output

When the sample runs successfully you should see following message on the screen: .. code-block:: console

I: LittleFS version 2.4, disk version 2.0 I: FS at flash-controller@4001e000:0x7a000 is 6 0x1000-byte blocks with 512 cycle I: sizes: rd 16 ; pr 16 ; ca 64 ; la 32 I: Format successful