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sockaddr_in6 Struct Reference

Socket address struct for IPv6. More...

#include <net_ip.h>

Data Fields

sa_family_t sin6_family

uint16_t sin6_port
 Port number

struct in6_addr sin6_addr
 IPv6 address

uint8_t sin6_scope_id
 Interfaces for a scope.

Detailed Description

Socket address struct for IPv6.

Field Documentation

◆ sin6_addr

struct in6_addr sockaddr_in6::sin6_addr

IPv6 address

◆ sin6_family

sa_family_t sockaddr_in6::sin6_family


◆ sin6_port

uint16_t sockaddr_in6::sin6_port

Port number

◆ sin6_scope_id

uint8_t sockaddr_in6::sin6_scope_id

Interfaces for a scope.

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