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This example shows how to use console_getline() function. Similar to the well-known ANSI C gets() and fgets() functions, console_getline() either returns the next available input line or blocks waiting for one. Using this function, it should be fairly easy to port existing ANSI C, POSIX, or Linux applications which process console input line by line. The sample also allows to see details of how a line is returned by the function.

If you are interested in character by character console input, see console_getchar().


UART console is required to run this sample.

Building and Running

The easiest way to run this sample is using QEMU:

west build -b qemu_x86 samples/subsys/console/getline
west build -t run

Now start pressing keys on a keyboard, followed by Enter. The input line will be printed back, with a hex code of the last character, to show that line does not include any special “end of line” characters (like LF, CR, etc.) Exit QEMU by pressing CTRL+A x.