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net_traffic_class Struct Reference

Network traffic class. More...

#include <net_if.h>

Data Fields

struct k_fifo fifo
 Fifo for handling this Tx or Rx packet.
struct k_thread handler
 Traffic class handler thread.
 Stack for this handler.

Detailed Description

Network traffic class.

Traffic classes are used when sending or receiving data that is classified with different priorities. So some traffic can be marked as high priority and it will be sent or received first. Each network packet that is transmitted or received goes through a fifo to a thread that will transmit it.

Field Documentation

◆ fifo

struct k_fifo net_traffic_class::fifo

Fifo for handling this Tx or Rx packet.

◆ handler

struct k_thread net_traffic_class::handler

Traffic class handler thread.

◆ stack

k_thread_stack_t* net_traffic_class::stack

Stack for this handler.

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