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Echo server (service)


The sockets/echo_service sample application for Zephyr implements a TCP echo server supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 and using a BSD Sockets compatible API.

The purpose of this sample is to show how to use socket service API. The socket service is a concept where many blocking sockets can be listened by one thread, and which can then trigger a callback if there is activity in the set of sockets. This saves memory as only one thread needs to be created in the system.

The application supports IPv4 and IPv6, and both UDP and TCP are also supported. The source code for this sample application can be found at: samples/net/sockets/echo_service.


Building and Running

Build the Zephyr version of the sockets/echo_service application like this:

west build -b <board_to_use> samples/net/sockets/echo_service

After the sample starts, it expects connections at, or 2001:db8::1 and port 4242. The easiest way to connect is:

$ telnet 4242

After a connection is made, the application will echo back any line sent to it. The application implements a single-threaded server using blocking sockets, and currently is only implemented to serve only one client connection at time. After the current client disconnects, the next connection can proceed.