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This sample demonstrates how to use a GNSS device implementing the GNSS device driver API.


This sample requires a board with a GNSS device present and enabled in the devicetree.

Sample Output

gnss: gnss_info: {satellites_cnt: 14, hdop: 0.850, fix_status: GNSS_FIX, fix_quality: GNSS_SPS}
gnss: navigation_data: {latitude: 57.162331699, longitude : 9.961104199, bearing 12.530, speed 0.25, altitude: 42.372}
gnss: gnss_time: {hour: 16, minute: 17, millisecond 36000, month_day 3, month: 10, century_year: 23}
gnss has fix!
gnss: gnss_satellite: {prn: 1, snr: 30, elevation 71, azimuth 276, system: GLONASS, is_tracked: 1}
gnss: gnss_satellite: {prn: 11, snr: 31, elevation 62, azimuth 221, system: GLONASS, is_tracked: 1}
gnss reported 2 satellites!