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This sample demonstrates how to use the watchdog driver API.

A typical use case for a watchdog is that the board is restarted in case some piece of code is kept in an infinite loop.

Building and Running

In this sample, a watchdog callback is used to handle a timeout event once. This functionality is used to request an action before the board restarts due to a timeout event in the watchdog driver.

The watchdog peripheral is configured in the board’s .dts file. Make sure that the watchdog is enabled using the configuration file in boards folder.

Building and Running for ST Nucleo F091RC

The sample can be built and executed for the ST Nucleo F091RC as follows:

west build -b nucleo_f091rc samples/drivers/watchdog
west flash

To build for another board, change “nucleo_f091rc” to the name of that board and provide a corresponding devicetree overlay.

Sample output

You should get a similar output as below:

Watchdog sample application
Attempting to test pre-reset callback
Feeding watchdog 5 times
Feeding watchdog...
Feeding watchdog...
Feeding watchdog...
Feeding watchdog...
Feeding watchdog...
Waiting for reset...
Handled things..ready to reset


After the last message, the board will reset and the sequence will start again