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Bluetooth: Broadcast Audio Assistant


Application demonstrating the LE Audio broadcast assistant functionality.

The sample will automatically try to connect to a device in the BAP Scan Delegator role (advertising support for the Broadcast Audio Scan Service (BASS)). It will then search for a broadcast source and (if found) add the broadcast ID to the BAP Scan Delegator.

Practical use of this sample requires a sink (e.g. the Broadcast Audio Sink sample or a set of LE Audio Broadcast capable earbuds) and a source (e.g. the Broadcast Audio Source sample).

This sample can be found under samples/bluetooth/bap_broadcast_assistant in the Zephyr tree.

Check the bluetooth samples section for general information.


  • BlueZ running on the host, or

  • A board with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 support

  • Broadcast Audio Source and Sink devices

Building and Running

The application will act as a broadcast assistant with optionally preconfigured filtering of broadcast sink and broadcast source names. By default, the application will search for and connect to the first broadcast audio sink found (advertising PACS and BASS UUIDs) and then search for and select the first broadcast audio source found (advertising a broadcast ID).

Filter these by modifying the following configs:

CONFIG_SELECT_SINK_NAME: Substring of BT name of the sink.


CONFIG_SELECT_SOURCE_NAME: Substring of BT name or broadcast name of the source.

Building for an nrf52840dk

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b nrf52840dk/nrf52840 samples/bluetooth/bap_broadcast_assistant/