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Bluetooth: Isochronous Broadcaster


A simple application demonstrating the Bluetooth Low Energy Isochronous Broadcaster functionality.


  • BlueZ running on the host, or

  • A board with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 support

  • A Bluetooth Controller and board that supports setting CONFIG_BT_CTLR_ADV_ISO=y

Building and Running

This sample can be found under samples/bluetooth/iso_broadcast in the Zephyr tree. Use -DEXTRA_CONF_FILE=overlay-bt_ll_sw_split.conf to enable required ISO feature support in Zephyr Bluetooth Controller on supported boards.

Use the sample found under samples/bluetooth/iso_receive in the Zephyr tree that will scan, establish a periodic advertising synchronization, generate BIGInfo reports and synchronize to BIG events from this sample.

See bluetooth samples section for details.