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Bluetooth: Peripheral Accept List


This application demonstrates the BLE advertising accept filter list feature. If no device is bonded to the peripheral, casual advertising will be performed. Once a device is bonded, on subsequent boots, connection requests will only be accepted if the central device is on the accept list. Additionally, scan response data will only be sent to devices that are on the accept list. As a result, some BLE central devices (such as Android smartphones) might not display the device in the scan results if the central device is not on the accept list.

This sample also provides two BLE characteristics. To perform a write, devices need to be bonded, while a read can be done immediately after a connection (no bonding required).


  • A board with BLE support

  • Second BLE device acting as a central. For example another Zephyr board or smartphone

Building and Running

This sample can be found under samples/bluetooth/peripheral_accept_list in the Zephyr tree.

See bluetooth samples section for details.