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CCS811 Indoor Air Quality Sensor


The CCS811 digital gas sensor detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for indoor air quality measurements. VOCs are often categorized as pollutants and/or sensory irritants and can come from a variety of sources such as construction materials (paint and carpet), machines (copiers and processors), and even people (breathing and smoking). It estimates carbon dioxide (CO2) levels where the main source of VOCs is human presence.

Building and Running

Building and Running on thingy52/nrf52832

west build -b thingy52/nrf52832 samples/sensor/ccs811
west flash

Sample Output

The sample output below is from a Nordic Thingy:52 (thingy52/nrf52832) that includes this sensor (and others). After a soft reset, there is a 5-second startup period where readings are unstable, and then we can see steady reported measurements of about 400 ppm eC02 and 0 ppb eTVOC.