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NXP MCUX Low-power Analog Comparator (LPCMP)


This sample show how to use the NXP MCUX Analog Comparator (LPCMP) driver.

In this application, the negative input port of the LPCMP is set to 7 which means the input voltage comes from the LPCMP internal DAC, the reference voltage of the DAC is set to 0 (for the specific chip, the user needs to check the reference manual to confirm where this reference voltage comes from), the output voltage of the DAC is equal to (VREF/256)*(data+1), where data is set through the attribute SENSOR_ATTR_MCUX_LPCMP_DAC_OUTPUT_VOLTAGE. The positive input port is set to 0, the user needs to check the reference manual and board schematic to confirm which specific port is used and can connect an external voltage to that port and change the input voltage to see the output change of the LPCMP.

The output value of the LPCMP is reported on the console.

Building and Running

Building and Running for NXP FRDM-MCXN947

Build the application for the NXP FRDM-MCXN947 board, and adjust the LPCMP positive input port voltage by changing the voltage input to J2-17.

west build -b frdm_mcxn947//cpu0 samples/sensor/mcux_lpcmp
west flash