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LSM6DSL: IMU sensor Monitor


This sample sets the LSM6DSL accelerometer and gyroscope to 104Hz and enable a trigger on data ready. It displays on the console the values for accelerometer and gyroscope, plus optionally the values of any magnetometer or pressure sensor attached to it (sensorhub function).


This sample uses the LSM6DSL sensor controlled using the I2C or SPI interface. It has been tested on both 96Boards Argonkey and disco_l475_iot1 board.


Building and Running

This project outputs sensor data to the console. It requires an LSM6DSL sensor, which is present on both the 96Boards Argonkey and disco_l475_iot1 board.

Building on ArgonKey board

west build -b 96b_argonkey samples/sensor/lsm6dsl

Building on disco_l475_iot1 board

west build -b disco_l475_iot1 samples/sensor/lsm6dsl

Building on nrf52840dk/nrf52840 board with x-nucleo-iks01a2 shield

west build -b nrf52840dk/nrf52840 samples/sensor/lsm6dsl -- -DSHIELD=x_nucleo_iks01a2

Sample Output

LSM6DSL sensor samples:

accel (-3.184000 -0.697000 9.207000) m/s2
gyro (0.065000 -0.029000 0.002000) dps
magn (-0.042000 0.294000 -0.408000) gauss
- (0) (trig_cnt: 190474)

<repeats endlessly every 2 seconds>


The magn row is displayed only when running sample onto 96b_argonkey board, where a magnetometer is connected to LSM6DSL.