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PAN1782 Evaluation Board


The PAN1782 Evaluation Board is a development tool for the PAN1782 module which is based on the nRF52833 chipset from Nordic Semiconductor.

PAN1782 Evaluation Board

You can find more information about the PAN1782 module and the PAN1782 evaluation board on the product website [1].

Please also refer to nRF52833 DK for general information about development kits for the nRF52833 from Nordic Semiconductor.

The PAN1782 evaluation board is closely linked to these other evaluation boards:


You can find the user guide [3] for the PAN1782 Evaluation Board in the Panasonic Wireless Connectivity Development Hub [2].

The user guide contains (amongst other things) detailed information about

  • pin mapping

  • powering options

  • breakout pin header interface

  • current consumption measurement

  • software development

and other things.

The schematics for the PAN1782 Evaluation Board are available in the download section [4] of the Panasonic Wireless Connectivity Development Hub [2].

Programming and Debugging

Please use the pan1782_evb board configuration when Building an Application and Run an Application.