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PAN1783, PAN1783A and PAN1783A-PA Evaluation Boards


The PAN1783, PAN1783A and PAN1783A-PA Evaluation Boards (pan1783_evb, pan1783a_evb, pan1783a_pa_evb) are development tools for the PAN1783, PAN1783A and PAN1783A-PA Modules which are based on the nRF5340 chipset from Nordic Semiconductor.

More information about the PAN1783, PAN1783A, PAN1783A-PA Modules and Evaluation Boards can be found on the product website [1].



PAN1783 EVB (Credit: Panasonic)


The PAN1783A EVB essentially looks like a PAN1783 EVB, except that it is equipped with a UFL connector on X4.


The PAN1783A-PA EVB essentially resembles a PAN1783 EVB, with the addition of a UFL connector on X4 and a power amplifier.


For detailed information, you can find the pan1783_evb user guide [3] / pan1783a_evb user guide [4] / pan1783a_pa_evb user guide [5] for the Evaluation Boards in the Panasonic Wireless Connectivity Development Hub [2].

The User Guide contains (amongst other things) detailed information about

  • pin mapping

  • powering options

  • breakout pin header interface

  • current consumption measurement

  • software development

The schematics for the PAN1783/PAN1783A/PAN1783A-PA Evaluation Boards are available in the download section PAN1783 [6] / download section PAN1783A [7] / download section PAN1783A-PA [8] of the Panasonic Wireless Connectivity Development Hub [2].

Programming and Debugging

Please use the pan1783_evb_cpuapp, pan1783a_evb_cpuapp or pan1783a_pa_evb_cpuapp for application core and pan1783_evb_cpunet, pan1783a_evb_cpunet or pan1783a_pa_evb_cpunet board configuration for network core when Building an Application and Run an Application.