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DHT: Aosong DHT Digital-output Humidity and Temperature Sensor


This sample application periodically (0.5 Hz) measures the ambient temperature and humidity. The result is written to the console.


This sample uses an external breakout for the sensor. A devicetree overlay must be provided to identify the sensor variant and the GPIO used to control the sensor.

Building and Running

After providing a devicetree overlay that specifies the sensor location, build this sample app using:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b nrf52dk/nrf52832 samples/sensor/dht
west flash

Sample Output

*** Booting Zephyr OS build zephyr-v2.1.0-329-g38418b26c4cc  ***
[0:00:00.027]: 20.0 Cel ; 48.7 %RH
[0:00:02.053]: 19.8 Cel ; 48.7 %RH
[0:00:04.079]: 20.0 Cel ; 48.7 %RH
[0:00:06.105]: 19.8 Cel ; 48.7 %RH
[0:00:08.130]: 20.0 Cel ; 48.8 %RH
[0:00:10.156]: 20.1 Cel ; 48.8 %RH
[0:00:12.182]: 19.7 Cel ; 48.7 %RH
[0:00:14.207]: 20.0 Cel ; 48.8 %RH

<repeats endlessly>