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sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data Struct Reference

#include <sensor_data_types.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t timestamp_delta
union {
   q31_t   value
   q31_t   light
 Unit: lux. More...
   q31_t   pressure
 Unit: kilopascal. More...
   q31_t   temperature
 Unit: degrees Celsius. More...
   q31_t   percent
 Unit: percent. More...
   q31_t   distance
 Unit: meters. More...
   q31_t   density
 Unit: ug/m^3. More...
   q31_t   density_ppm
 Unit: parts per million. More...
   q31_t   density_ppb
 Unit: parts per billion. More...
   q31_t   resistance
 Unit: ohms. More...
   q31_t   voltage
 Unit: volts. More...
   q31_t   current
 Unit: amps. More...
   q31_t   power
 Unit: watts. More...
   q31_t   angle
 Unit: degrees. More...
   q31_t   electric_charge
 Unit: mAh. More...

Field Documentation


union { ... } sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::@202

◆ angle

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::angle

Unit: degrees.

◆ current

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::current

Unit: amps.

◆ density

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::density

Unit: ug/m^3.

◆ density_ppb

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::density_ppb

Unit: parts per billion.

◆ density_ppm

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::density_ppm

Unit: parts per million.

◆ distance

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::distance

Unit: meters.

◆ electric_charge

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::electric_charge

Unit: mAh.

◆ light

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::light

Unit: lux.

◆ percent

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::percent

Unit: percent.

◆ power

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::power

Unit: watts.

◆ pressure

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::pressure

Unit: kilopascal.

◆ resistance

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::resistance

Unit: ohms.

◆ temperature

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::temperature

Unit: degrees Celsius.

◆ timestamp_delta

uint32_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::timestamp_delta

◆ value

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::value

◆ voltage

q31_t sensor_q31_data::sensor_q31_sample_data::voltage

Unit: volts.

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