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TI Building Automation Sensors MKII: Building Automation Multi sensor shield


The BP-BASSENSORSMKII is a motion MEMS and environmental sensor expansion board using the TI BoosterPack shield layout.

More information about the board can be found at the TI BP-BASSENSORSMKII website [1].

Hardware Description

BP-BASSENSORSMKII provides the following key features:

  • BMI160 6 axis IMU

  • BMM150 connected to BMI160 for sensor hub use

  • TI OP3001 Ambient Light sensors

  • TI DR5055 Hall Effect Sensor

  • TI HDC2080 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • TI TMP117 ultra-high accuracy temperature sensor with breakout

  • TI LaunchPad support

  • RoHS compliant