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Seeed Studio XIAO Round Display


Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO is an expansion board compatible with all XIAO development boards. It features a fully covered touch screen on one side, designed as a 39mm disc. It contains onboard RTC, charge chip, TF card slot within its compact size, perfect for interactive displays in smart home, wearables and more.

More information can be found on the Getting Started page

Seeed Studio XIAO Round Display

Seeed Studio XIAO Round Display (Credit: Seeed Studio)


Set -DSHIELD=seeed_xiao_round_display when you invoke west build.

LVGL Basic Sample

For example:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b xiao_ble/nrf52840 samples/subsys/display/lvgl -- -DSHIELD=seeed_xiao_round_display