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MikroElektronika MCP2518FD Click shield


MCP2518FD Click shield has a MCP2518FD CAN FD controller via a SPI interface and a high-speed ATA6563 CAN transceiver.

More information about the shield can be found at Mikroe MCP2518FD click [1].


The shield uses a mikroBUS interface. The target board must define a mikrobus_spi and mikrobus_header node labels (see Shields for more details). The target board must also support level triggered interrupts.


Set -DSHIELD=mikroe_mcp2518fd_click when you invoke west build, for example:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b lpcxpresso55s28 samples/drivers/can/counter -- -DSHIELD=mikroe_mcp2518fd_click
west flash