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LMP90100 Sensor AFE Evaluation Board


The Texas Instruments LMP90100 Sensor AFE Evaluation Board (EVB) is a development kit for the TI LMP90xxx series of analog sensor frontends.

LMP90100 EVB

LMP90100 EVB (Credit: Texas Instruments)


This shield can only be used with a development board that provides a configuration for Arduino connectors and defines a node alias for the SPI interface (see Shields for more details).

The SPIO connector pins on the LMP90100 EVB can be connected to the Arduino headers of the development board using jumper wires.

For more information about interfacing the LMP90xxx series and the LMP90100 EVB in particular, see these TI documents:


Zephyr RTOS includes one sample targeting the LMP90100 EVB:


Set -DSHIELD=lmp90100_evb when you invoke west build. For example:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b frdm_k64f samples/shields/lmp90100_evb/rtd -- -DSHIELD=lmp90100_evb