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X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1: MEMS Inertial and Environmental Multi sensor shield


The X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 is a motion MEMS and environmental sensor evaluation board system, compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector layout. It includes an STMicroelectronics’ LSM6DS0 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, the LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer, the HTS221 humidity and temperature sensor, and the LPS25HB pressure sensor.

The X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 interfaces with the main board via an I2C interface.


More information about the board can be found at the X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 website [1].


X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 provides the following key features:

  • LSM6DS0: MEMS 3D accelerometer (±2/±4/±8 g) + 3D gyroscope (±245/±500/±2000 dps)

  • LIS3MDL: MEMS 3D magnetometer (±4/ ±8/ ±12/ 16 gauss)

  • LPS25HB: MEMS pressure sensor, 260-1260 hPa absolute digital output barometer

  • HTS221: capacitive digital relative humidity and temperature

  • DIL 24-pin socket available for additional MEMS adapters and other sensors (UV index)

  • Equipped with Arduino UNO R3 connector

  • RoHS compliant

More information about X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 can be found here:


An example on how to use the x-nucleo-iks01a1 shield is available in the X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 shield sample application documentation (see Shields for more details).