WAVESHARE e-Paper Raw Panel Shield


The WAVESHARE e-Paper Raw Panel Shield is a universal driver shield. The shield can be used to drive various Electrophoretic (electronic ink) Display (EPD) with a SPI interface. This shield includes a 23LC1024 1Mb SPI Serial SRAM that is not currently supported by the Zephyr RTOS.

More information about the shield can be found at the Universal e-Paper Raw Panel Driver Shield website [1].

Pins Assignment of the e-Paper Shield

Shield Connector Pin Function  
D5 RAM CSn RAM Chip Select
D6 SD CSn EPD SD Card Chip Select
D7 EPD BUSY EPD Busy Output
D8 EPD RESETn EPD Reset Input
D9 EPD DC EPD Data/Command Input
D10 EPD CSn EPD Chip Select Input
D11 SPI MOSI Serial Data Input
D12 SPI MISO Serial Data Out
D13 SPI SCK Serial Clock Input

Current supported displays

Display Ribbon Cable Label Controller / Driver Shield Designation
Good Display GDEH0213B1 HINK-E0213 SSD1673 / ssd16xx waveshare_epaper_gdeh0213b1
Good Display GDEH0213B72 HINK-E0213A22 IL3897 / ssd16xx waveshare_epaper_gdeh0213b72
Good Display GDEH029A1 E029A01 IL3820 / ssd16xx waveshare_epaper_gdeh029a1


This shield can only be used with a board that provides a configuration for Arduino connectors and defines node aliases for SPI and GPIO interfaces (see Shields for more details).


Correct shield designation (see the table above) for your display must be entered when you invoke west build. For example:

# From the root of the zephyr repository
west build -b nrf52840_pca10056 samples/gui/lvgl -- -DSHIELD=waveshare_epaper_gdeh0213b1