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ethernet_vlan.h File Reference

VLAN specific definitions. More...

#include <zephyr/types.h>

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#define NET_VLAN_TAG_UNSPEC   0x0fff
 Unspecified VLAN tag value.


static uint16_t net_eth_vlan_get_vid (uint16_t tci)
 Get VLAN identifier from TCI.
static uint8_t net_eth_vlan_get_dei (uint16_t tci)
 Get Drop Eligible Indicator from TCI.
static uint8_t net_eth_vlan_get_pcp (uint16_t tci)
 Get Priority Code Point from TCI.
static uint16_t net_eth_vlan_set_vid (uint16_t tci, uint16_t vid)
 Set VLAN identifier to TCI.
static uint16_t net_eth_vlan_set_dei (uint16_t tci, bool dei)
 Set Drop Eligible Indicator to TCI.
static uint16_t net_eth_vlan_set_pcp (uint16_t tci, uint8_t pcp)
 Set Priority Code Point to TCI.

Detailed Description

VLAN specific definitions.

Virtual LAN specific definitions.