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socket_select.h File Reference
#include <zephyr/toolchain.h>
#include <zephyr/net/socket_types.h>
#include <syscalls/socket_select.h>

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Data Structures

struct  zsock_fd_set


#define ZSOCK_FD_SETSIZE   (sizeof(((zsock_fd_set *)0)->bitset) * 8)
 Number of file descriptors which can be added to zsock_fd_set.
#define fd_set   zsock_fd_set


typedef struct zsock_fd_set zsock_fd_set


int zsock_select (int nfds, zsock_fd_set *readfds, zsock_fd_set *writefds, zsock_fd_set *exceptfds, struct zsock_timeval *timeout)
 Legacy function to poll multiple sockets for events.
void ZSOCK_FD_ZERO (zsock_fd_set *set)
 Initialize (clear) fd_set.
int ZSOCK_FD_ISSET (int fd, zsock_fd_set *set)
 Check whether socket is a member of fd_set.
void ZSOCK_FD_CLR (int fd, zsock_fd_set *set)
 Remove socket from fd_set.
void ZSOCK_FD_SET (int fd, zsock_fd_set *set)
 Add socket to fd_set.
static int select (int nfds, zsock_fd_set *readfds, zsock_fd_set *writefds, zsock_fd_set *exceptfds, struct timeval *timeout)
static void FD_ZERO (zsock_fd_set *set)
static int FD_ISSET (int fd, zsock_fd_set *set)
static void FD_CLR (int fd, zsock_fd_set *set)
static void FD_SET (int fd, zsock_fd_set *set)