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socketutils.h File Reference

Socket utility functions. More...

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const char * net_addr_str_find_port (const char *addr_str)
 Find port in addr:port string.
int net_getaddrinfo_addr_str (const char *addr_str, const char *def_port, const struct zsock_addrinfo *hints, struct zsock_addrinfo **res)
 Call getaddrinfo() on addr:port string.

Detailed Description

Socket utility functions.

Function Documentation

◆ net_addr_str_find_port()

const char * net_addr_str_find_port ( const char *  addr_str)

Find port in addr:port string.

addr_strString of addr[:port] format
Pointer to "port" part, or NULL is none.

◆ net_getaddrinfo_addr_str()

int net_getaddrinfo_addr_str ( const char *  addr_str,
const char *  def_port,
const struct zsock_addrinfo hints,
struct zsock_addrinfo **  res 

Call getaddrinfo() on addr:port string.

Convenience function to split addr[:port] string into address vs port components (or use default port number), and call getaddrinfo() on the result.

addr_strString of addr[:port] format
def_portDefault port number to use if addr_str doesn't contain it
hintsgetaddrinfo() hints
resResult of getaddrinfo() (freeaddrinfo() should be called on it as usual.
Result of getaddrinfo() call.